These Christian Scientists have devoted much of their life to forwarding the cause of Christian Science in Russian speaking parts of the world.   The resources of this Foundation support their missionary activities.

The Spiritual Resource Foundation has no employees.

Teacher and Lecturer: Dr. Hildegard Arnesen, CSB

Hildegard Arnesen, CSB

Hildegard Arnesen, CSB

Dr. Arnesen was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, and became interested in Christian Science when a colleague was seriously wounded in a shooting. The doctors said he would not survive, but a week later she met him on the street, completely healed. To her question, how that had happened, he said: “Go to the Christian Science church!” She went and never looked back. She worked at the time for the American Military as a German translator and interpreter and since there was no one in her department who spoke Russian, she learned the Russian Language.

She received a BA from the University of California, Berkeley suma cum laude and a PhD from the University of Washington in Russian Language and Literature. She studied the Christian Science Bible Lesson in Russian for decades in preparation for, and in hope of, some day helping bring Christian Science back to Russia.

Beginning in 1993 she spent three to six months each year in the former Soviet Republics lecturing, teaching and being the only practitioner in the Russian speaking world. In 2005 she was joined by Marie Helm CSB to share in this work.

She quietly left this plane of consciousness on April 21, 2010. She is remembered with loving gratitude by the entire Russian-speaking field for her generosity and selfless service.

Teacher and Lecturer: Marie Helm, CSB

Marie Helm, CSB

Marie Helm, CSB

Marie was always a spiritual seeker, and as a teenager, longed for a faith and church that exemplified the Bible message that “God is Love.” When she visited the Christian Science Sunday School, she knew she had found her spiritual home.

Her husband’s work took them to different parts of the US, and with each move she found a wonderful sense of “home” serving within Branch Churches. In 1983, his work took them to Alaska. There she began learning about Russia through Alaska’s shared history with the Russian Far East. As the Soviet Union began to open up in the 1990s, quite unexpectedly she had opportunities to visit and work in the Russian Far East. Everywhere she traveled people asked about her faith and she soon began receiving requests for healing. Back then she barely spoke Russian, but discovered that the language of Love is universal, and wonderful healings took place. They were the beginning of her public practice, and in 2000 she advertised in the Christian Science Journal as a practitioner.

In January of 2005 she began serving as practitioner in St. Petersburg, and in the fall of 2005 began lecturing throughout the Russian-speaking field as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. In 2006 she attended Normal Class and treasures the lessons she is learning while working and teaching in this field. She is a member of the St. Petersburg Christian Science Society, and since 2006, she has been living in St. Petersburg for six months each year.

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