Making the Need Known – Warsaw Christian Science Society

As Poland is not a Russian-speaking country, TSRF bylaws do not allow it to provide direct financial support to Polish Christian Science groups.  However, we would like to make a need known.  The Warsaw Christian Science Society has been in existence since two weeks before World War II started.  They currently hold Sunday services, Wednesday testimony meetings (once a month) and maintain a Reading Room.  They have held lectures for 2 of the last 3 years. However, they are now having trouble paying the rent (which recently more than doubled) for their meeting place, which they have occupied since 1962.  If they lose their meeting place, their law does not allow them to meet in private homes.

Ryszard Smoragiewicz, First Reader, writes: “Your prayers are most needed and your extending some help to us would be most welcome.  Right decisions are always coming from God and I am sure He will guide you to the right thoughts regarding the situation of our Society . . . ”

Those who would like to help may contact Ryszard at the following e-mail address.  Please do not send donations for the Warsaw Society to The Spiritual Resource Foundation.

Ryszard Smoragiewicz

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